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Established in 1965, Musical Merchandisers (MM) is one of Australia’s most respected and longest running distributors of Musical Instruments and Accessories.

MM boasts Australian distribution of over 2,000 products encompassing over 15 brands. We cater for the needs of beginners through to professionals. Our products can be found nationwide in all good music stores.

If there is one thing Graeme (our MD) is fanatical about, It’s making absolutely certain we’re offering better quality product at cheaper prices than our competitors.

Understanding that the student market is the grass roots of our industry, we pay particular attention in providing beginners and school music programs ‘a better buy’. We are active contributors in music education with involvement in music initiative programs throughout the country.

Australian Distributors for:

Jupiter (wind and brass)
The world’s fastest growing band instrument company. Full brass and woodwind line from flutes to sousaphones and everything in between. Multiple award winner for “Best Instrument” in wind and brass categories by the UK Music Industry. 5 Year Warranty.

Majestic (orchestral percussion)
Performance Instruments preferred by Percussionists throughout the world. Founded in Holland.

Washburn (acoustic guitars)
Coming Summer 2017.

Reunion Blues (wind and brass cases and bags)
The bags the pros use. World leading line of professional bags for wind and brass.

(acoustic guitars)
The only guitar producer in Asia with a certified 100% Pure Chain-of-Custody.  By building guitars from certified woods, Walden supports the management of the world’s forests.  Playing a Walden says that you want more than just a great instrument. You also want a guitar that is built in a responsible and ethical way. See our full range of solid top and all solid wood guitars in various configurations.

SpongeBob SquarePants (official musical instrument & accessories line)
Nickelodeon's highest rated show and most distributed property of MTV Networks. Everything from guitars, ukuleles, percussion packs, drum kits and shakers.
Go to Spongebob section of website

Tornado (intrument stands)
World class instrument stands produced in ISO-9001 compliant factories. Made by KHS (Hercules stands, On Stage stands, Jupiter, Walden, Mapex and Sonor).

Onyx (guitars and related)
Onyx’s dedicated team of designers and development staff have carefully integrated the latest in technological advances with the timeless tradition
of skilled handcrafting to create a line of instruments, amplification, and accessories which give you the confidence to always perform at your best.

Tromba (ABS Trombones & Trumpets)
They sound every bit as good as brass, only more durable.

(student instruments)

(effect pedals and tuners)
+ many more brands.