The Jupiter Music Diary has been designed in consultation with experienced
music teachers to provide a user friendly student homework book, which will
assist student progress and help teacher assessments.
Uniform teacher assessments with the use of a routine format homework book.
42 Double Pages for Weekly Lessons
The most comprehensive, value packed Music Lesson Planner on the market.
Lesson Attendance Record
Phrasing & Articulation Symbols
Performance Schedule
Basic Rudiments of Music
Practice Planner
Major Scale Transposition Chart
How to Practice
Principal Music Words Glossary
Note pages
With adequate space for detailed assessment information, a teacher’s report on student
progress is made easier by the double page layout per lesson. Students also benefit from a
more structured layout, which assist them during revision time.

JUPITER MUSIC DIARY & LESSON PLANNER 100 PAGES, 42 double teacher/lesson pages, scale chart, music glossary, rudiments of music, practice planner + practice tip pages, lessons attendance records, events schedule, musical symbols reference + more!

$6.95 RRP

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