Purchase with complete peace of mind. Jupiter now with 5 year limited Warranty

Jupiter instruments now come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials used. Buy with peace of mind when you purchase a Jupiter instrument. All our instruments are produced in 100% Jupiter owned factories, which means we have complete control over the entire manufacturing process. No part of production is outsourced to other factories. This results in higher quality instruments in your hands at the best prices possible.

Full Range of Spare Parts for all instruments, both new and old.

Another important factor when choosing a brand of wind or brass instrument is the availability of spare parts. Many cheaper priced brands do not offer spare parts which causes many problems in years to come when instruments require maintenance. Jupiter carries a full range of spare parts for every generation of instrument, both new and old. We use serial number matching to identify the exact generation of the instrument you own - so we can always find the right parts should maintenance ever be required.

Register your Jupiter 5 Year Warranty Here

Register your 5 Year Jupiter Warranty Here